Frequently Asked Questions



How can I set up a 5 Rivers Account?

Please fill out our online Form or call 800-5RIVERS, ext 2 and we can quickly set up an account for your business.

How do I place a booking using 5 Rivers?

1) Log into your account on or on the app to view the booking page.
2) Add your booking details.
3) Review your booking, select the required service and click the “SUBMIT BOOKING” button.
Once your booking is submitted, A nearby 5 Rivers Driver will accept your order and head to the pickup destination. Throughout the delivery, we’ll keep you notified via confirmations. We’ll include your Driver's contact information so you can reach them at any time.
Once your package is delivered, you’ll receive a confirmation message including signature verification. You will have the ability to rate and review your experience at the end of each delivery.

What are your hours of operation?

5 Rivers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our regular office hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

What locations does 5 Rivers serve?

We serve all locations within The UAE

How fast do you deliver?

Depending on the time of day your booking is placed and which service you request, it can be within 4 hours or 3 days.

How do I make a change to my booking?

If you need to make a change to your 5 Rivers booking once an Driver is already en route, please call us on 800-5RIVERS, ext 1 and we’ll help to get your delivery re-routed. We’ll honour re-routing requests placed once a package is in transit to the best of our ability, although additional delivery charges, wait fees or delays may apply. according to our T&Cs.

Can I cancel a booking once it’s submitted?

We are happy to honour all cancellation requests as long as your Driver hasn’t initiated or picked up your order. Cancellation and re-routing requests may be subject to additional charges.
If you need to cancel an order after you’ve submitted it, please contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible at 800-5RIVERS ext 1.

Do I need to prepare my package for transit?

Yes, your items should be packaged and ready for delivery when your Driver arrives. All items should be properly secured and fragile items should be protected from damage by shock absorbent packing materials. The Driver, at their discretion, may refuse pickup if the item is not properly packaged.

What kind of credentials do your Drivers have?

5 Rivers Drivers are thoroughly screened with the most exhaustive background checks, as well as driving history reports. Only those that pass our stringent criteria become Drivers. In addition, our Drivers are wear uniforms and carry company ID.

How do I contact my 5 Rivers Driver for last-minute delivery issues?

If you need to reach us immediately about a delivery that is in transit, your Driver's mobile phone number is provided on the booking confirmation or you can call us 0n 800-5RIVERS, ext 1.

How far in advance can I schedule a booking?

Bookings can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance.


I have issues with my account. How do I get help?

Our Customer Service team is always here to help and provide you with the highest level of service possible. There are three ways to reach us if you need help with your account:
1. Call our Customer Service team at 800-5RIVERS, ext 1.
2. Email us at and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.
3. If you need to reach a 5 RIVERS Driver immediately about a delivery that is in transit, your Driver’s mobile phone number is provided on the booking confirmation.

How can I view my Order History?

Log in to your account and click “View Your Bookings.” You will see a list of all your in-progress, scheduled, or past bookings, along with the booking statuses. Click the booking you’d like to view and you will be taken to the details page for that booking. Here you can track your delivery or see the details of completed deliveries.


How can I get a price estimate for my booking?

You can use the website or app, once you enter the details, you will have a chance to review the cost, estimated delivery time, and other details before placing your order.

What are your rates for delivery?

5 Rivers rates are based and distance from your pickup location to the delivery location selected.
Fees for 1km Delivery: AED 21 inc VAT
Fees per additional kilometre: AED 2.1 inc VAT

Small Van
Fees for 1km Delivery: AED 31.50 inc VAT
Fees per additional kilometre: AED 4.2 in VAT

Large Van
Fees for 1km Delivery: AED 42 inc VAT
Fees per additional kilometre: AED 6.4 inc VAT
For partners who use our service frequently, we offer discounted Fees, based on monthly volume (calculated on the basis of the number of applicable deliveries in the previous calendar month). To discuss discounted Fees, please contact
Additional Fees: Multi-drop – For each additional delivery requested on a single driver route, the fee will be AED 10.50 in VAT, per additional delivery (either pick up, or drop off

Is the quoted price exactly what I’ll pay, or are there any hidden charges?

As long as there are no changes to your booking once it is in transit (location changes, waiting time, cancellations, After Hour pickup/delivery, or vehicle usage), the price charged to your payment method will be the price we initially quoted you, with no hidden fees or fuel surcharges.

Will I be charged extra if my Driver has to wait?

Yes, if you require an Driver to wait longer than 10 minutes as part of the delivery - for example, standing in line or waiting for a signature - we will add AED 10.00 then AED 1.00 per minute waiting.
Additionally, if your package is not prepared and ready for pickup within 10 minutes of your Driver arriving or the quoted Pickup ETA (whichever is later), your booking may need to be rescheduled at by us and we will add a surcharge of AE 20.00.


What is the maximum size and weight for packages?

5 Rivers is happy to accommodate packages of many sizes and weights. You need to advise of the correct weight and dimensions for each package to be collected so that the correct vehicle type and manpower are allocated. Each additional item for pick up will be charged an additional amount depending on type of vehicle required.

What kinds of items can I NOT send with 5 Rivers?

The following items are restricted and may not be shipped using 5 Rivers: firearms; fireworks; tobacco products; flammable or dangerous goods or hazardous materials (except dry ice); open beverage containers of any kind; under-secured fragile or rare items; human corpses and/or cremated remains; used hypodermic needles and syringes or medical waste; packages that require us to obtain a government or state license for transportation; packages that may cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel, or other packages; packages whose carriage is prohibited by law, statute or regulation of the state; stolen goods; any items which you do not have the right, standing or permissions to ship.
For more information, see our complete Terms of Service.


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. Our app is available for both iOS and Android devices You can find it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information about our API.


How do I become a 5 Rivers Driver?

Please visit our Become a Driver page and fill out an application. Thank you for your interest!

How do I find out the status of my application?

It may take a few days for someone from our team to review your application. If we’re interested in speaking with you about your candidacy we’ll be in touch.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

With general or technical questions, email or call 800-5RIVERS.